Saturday, July 17, 2010

a Bowman addict.

I know.  It's an ugly habit.  It produces loads and loads of junk, with maybe, at best a small handful of really worthwhile cards in the long run.  I never really got the whole minor league/prospect thing back in my last tour through the baseball card world.  I couldn't get my head around why someone would want to spend time hunting down cards for "cup of coffee" types, when you could just as easily get a card/memorabilia from an already established star.

This time though, it's different.  Maybe it's because my latest cardboard renaissance has come about smack-dab in the middle of the Straspocolypse, but I really don't think that's it.  I think it has to do with getting closer to the game.  Getting down in the trenches and learning about guys who are chasing their dream.

Dream chasing is a powerful thing, and I suspect is in some ways universal in it's appeal.  It's got a lot in common with our natural proclivity to pull for the underdog (and hate the Yankees).

I've bought a ton of 2010 Bowman Retail, and pulled some nice stuff.  A few Strasburgs here and there, and lots of parallels.  Here's a quick sampling of my most recent blaster.

I think this is the second or third Franklin purple I've pulled.  He's listed as the #7 prospect in Seattle's farm system by Baseball America.  I think the prospecting gods want me to follow this kid.
You don't see much in the way of base refractors in retail.  Colome is moving up in the Rays system.  Again, I'm inclined to listen to the prospecting Gods.

On top of that recent blaster, I managed to get a good deal on a box of 2009 Bowman Draft.  My "hit" was:

Mier's a top prospect in the Astros (less than stellar) organization.  He was buzz-worthy out of the draft but has been struggling this year.  I'll keep an eye on him, mostly because I think the auto is good looking.

I hope to spend some time over the next few weeks talking about some prospects that I've been looking into, and if you've got any advice for a burgeoning prospector/collector, I'd love to hear it.


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