Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stack 'o Junk

Wow, you’ve managed to come back for more Vienna Sausage…..I’m honored.

Like most young American boys, I was really into baseball cards when I was a kid, and I suspect that those of us that keep interest in this hobby as adults really do it in part because we’re trying to hold on to a part of that inner 12 year old who really thought baseball cards were something magical.
I’ve recently been on a bit of an Ebay selling binge.  The big boss lady only has so much tolerance for my “junk” in “her” house, so every now and then I sell off “old junk” and end up acquiring “new junk”.  My most recent “old junk” sale has left me with a positive cash flow in the old PayPal account, and silly Ebay auctions have been calling my name.
Most of my purchases have been towards my 2010 Rangers Autograph Project, but that’s another post.
This post is about another purchase.  A purchase that got my inner 12 year old lit up with excitement.  It got delivered yesterday, and I’ve been giddy ever since. 

Drum roll please……..I bought not one, not two, not three, but four, yes four whole boxes of 1992 Topps Stadium Club Series 3.   (They were less than $10 each after shipping….I couldn’t resist)

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself….1992 Topps?  Junk wax?  That crap is worthless!

Nay nay dear reader.  It’s priceless. 

In my mind, these are some of the best looking cards ever produced.  The full-bleed presentation and photography is spectacular, and the action shots are as good as they come.  If every card produced by Topps today was this beautiful, I’d be a poor poor man.  I can’t resist this stuff.

Here are a few of my favorites from what I've opened so far.....

Rickey Henderson...the speed demon himself....I'd like to think he's stealing a base here. 
I love the full stretch shots of pitchers in action.  It really demonstrates the contortions required to throw a ball....

How can you not love the Back to the Future Part 2 glasses?  I mean really.  Who didn't own a pair of these things.

And the cheat, back in his less Hulkish days.  I love the cloud of dust.   There was a time when this guy was fast....who knew he'd change so much.
And the greatness himself.

The fronts of these cards are just stunning, but the backs are cool as hell too. 

They've rolled out the Baseball Analysis and Reporting System (BARS) stats on the back, providing you with detail on what Rickey's average looks like in different areas of the plate, and they top it off with a look at the player's rookie card.  How can you not love it?

All this wax has left me in something of a conundrum.  I can’t decide what I’m going to do with it all.  I think I’ll probably keep opening until I can manage to put together a complete set, then figure out what to do with the rest of it.  Selling back a box or two is an option to recoup costs, but I’m not sure that’s what I want to do, it’s not like I can sell them for much.

What do you think dear reader?  Any good ideas about what to do with all of this wax?


  1. FOUR BOXES? How many packs is that? At 15 cards/pack, you should get a complete Series 3 set easily enough. If you don't want to sell it, you could use them to add to trade packages. Every once in a while, I'll get an unopened pack in a trade package and it's fun. The Pursuit of 80's(Ness) sent me a couple of junk wax packs and it was fun to open them! Welcome to the blogging community!

  2. Yeah. It might have been a little over the top. But I hate paying more for shipping something than the product itself. It's a pet peeve.

    I figure I'll finish opening the first box, see where I stand with regards to a complete set, and open up enough of the second box to get it finished.

    The other to full boxes will likely get ebay'd in hopes that I can flip them into Series 1 or Series 2 boxes to finish out the full set.

    I'm also going to have a metric crap load of dupes to deal with....

  3. My "boss" has been making me "organize", too. I've been doing an alright job of it and I think I'm about ready for an ebay binge here pretty soon. If you run into any Will Clark or Roger Clemens dupes, let me know.

  4. Hey dude, welcome to the ballcard blogging community.
    That Bonds was always one of my faves of his.

  5. Welcome homie!! Now enjoy your self...
    -The Don

  6. Your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama

  7. I'm working on that Stadium Club set as well. The collation was horrible in that product.

    I did some posts not too long ago about how beautiful the first three sets of Stadium Club were and how weird it got in 1994.

  8. Sharpe! My man!

    I just finished organizing my first box of the Stadium Club, and man, we need to talk. I'm missing about a dozen cards from the set, and I've got TONS of dupes. I'll be putting up a post with my wantlist later this week, and you need to send me yours. We'll get some traderatin on!